Fabricate like a champ!

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This site aims to host an evolving suite of software and hardware tutorials for digital fabrication. Currently, it is geared towards directing novices in best practices and advanced resources that we have found effective in any given field. This site is a branch of bestia.io, a fabrication and research oriented blog about work developed at bestia.xyz, our laboratory.

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Please, we are looking for contributors! If you would like to add tutorials to this site or give feedback, you can email me : russett at bestia.xyz.

Site index

  1. World Wide Web coding
    • HyperText Markup Language : HTML
    • Cascading Style Sheets : CSS
  2. Rhinoceros
    • Resources
    • Interface and working methodologies
    • Rhinoceros for 2 dimensional things.
    • Going from 2D to 3D!
  3. Laser cutting
    • ILS-3NM
    • Designing for laser kerf.
  4. 3D printing
    • Slic3r : Open-source digital model slicer
  5. Electronics Fabrication
    • Milling a circuit board ( Roland SRM-20 )
    • Stuffing the board